Hi. Welcome to my website. I'm Kerry Kirkland, an AANHCP certified Natural Hoof Trimmer and a horse owner. I am thrilled you are considering natural hoof care for your horses or donkeys. Natural horsemanship extends beyond ground work and riding. It includes horses' overall physical and psychological well-being. In this holistic hoof care model, we include hoof trimming, lifestyle, nutrition, healthcare and psychological needs. 

So let's get started. These are the main services I can offer you:

  • Natural barefoot hoof trimming
  • Corrective trimming
  • Therapeutic trimming
  • Hoof boot sizing, fitting and sales

Call or text me at 636-459-5460
or shoot me an email at

Based in Foristell, Missouri.

Wildway Natural Hoof Care
                                                                        Kerry Kirkland, AANHCP Certified

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Welcome to Wildway Services

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